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Farewell Mike Leyland.

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Farewell Mike Leyland. Empty Farewell Mike Leyland.

Post  mick Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:25 pm

No doubt any of you born before 1980 or so remember "The Leyland Brothers" probably the last of the TV explorers to show us our history before it was either plundered or faded away totally.

Mike passed away today from complications of Parkinsons Disease, aged 68. He was ageless, never seemed to change on TV.

Im glad for what he did and how he brought parts of the bush 99% of Aussies will never see into our homes. He certainly inspired me to go and see this great land. Not bad for a 10 pound Pom, he certainly made his mark on Australia, he travelled just about every mile of it and shared the best bits with all of us for 40 years of his life. Mike was very fond of storms. Give him a week or two to settle in and Im sure he will send us a beauty.

Theres a youtube video on there that will bring back memories for all.


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