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Post  hillybilly on Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:56 am

Didn't know where to post this query so I figured I'd post it in here.

I've looked at the National Loop a few times over the past couple of weeks and there seems to be an area of instability sitting off the coast near Broome. Is this for real or are they having probably with the radars up there?

Link: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR153.loop.shtml#skip

ILS this is radar clutter. A nice description is at http://weather.noaa.gov/radar/radinfo/radinfo.html#everything . Under very stable conditions (high temperatures sitting over a shallow maritime boundary layer) the radar beam will actually refract/bend into the ground. What your seeing is the ocean!

BTW you can see this effect visually with mountain ranges such as the Dandenongs which appear a lot taller on days with strong inversions than days with very steep lapse rates.


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Post  I_Love_Storms on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:25 am

Oh...thanks for that! That is quite interesting!


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