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Karl, I keep getting logged off

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Karl, I keep getting logged off Empty Karl, I keep getting logged off

Post  tizza Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:54 pm

is there a time limit between visits? Also every time I reply to a post I have to cut and paste the header, is this a mac thing? Sometimes it's a safari thing but I'll try firefox and see what happens. Safari isn't always forum friendly

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Karl, I keep getting logged off Empty Re: Karl, I keep getting logged off

Post  Rivergirl Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:11 pm

Hey tizza,

I enquired about this with my Shutterbugs IT partner last time this happened so all I can suggest is what I posted before

"Tizza, If you are on a Mac I presume you are using Safari? You may need to set your preferences in the browser in the Autofill tab to autofill web forms for usernames & Passwords. There is no setting in Admin panel for persistent log ins. Sorry about that."

I don't know of what else it could be although yes, there is a time limit between visits so if you aren't on here every day next time you visit you will be logged out so will have to log in again. That's weird about copy and pasting the header when you reply to a post. I haven't heard of that before. Normally you just click on Post Reply

Good luck

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