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Storm damage around Gold Coast/NE NSW

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Storm damage around Gold Coast/NE NSW Empty Storm damage around Gold Coast/NE NSW

Post  hillybilly Tue May 26, 2009 8:11 am

Some amazing photos at (and links). I imagine a few million $ has been wiped of the value of the properties.

The EPA wave site has a table ranking the top wave events during the past few decades the gauges have been up.

Saturday's 6.2 Hsig and 11m peak wave height (and the crucial period being a very high 14 seconds) at Gold Coast Seaway ranks as a new number two in the following table when it is to be updated. Gauge installed in 1987.

Top ten waves from this site
Rank Date and time Hsig Hmax Tp
1 1996-05-03 06:30:00 7.05 12.03 13.19
2 1988-04-11 14:54:00 4.82 8.76 10.78
3 1989-04-25 21:01:00 5.6 8.62 10.71
4 1999-05-24 07:30:00 4.57 8.36 14.87
5 1995-02-15 07:00:00 5.05 8.06 10.52


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