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Post  Stormy68 Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:12 pm

Hi every -one Very Happy

Was wondering if any one has bought the ( Power 4 home books and videos ) , ( how to make your own power etc... ) advertised on this page ...?????
and on the home pages of the forum ...
If so is it worth it ??????
thanks Stormy68 Laughing

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Post  hillybilly Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:50 pm

Have look into home power generation. Wind is a waste of time for most people - they simply don't have the windiness required (you need your generator on a high tower) and most of our cities are not particularly windy. The blades ones are also far too dangerous (IMHO) for a backyard - though the Helix/Helical vertical look rather safer (but quite expensive - I'ld consider these if I live near the coast (or on a hill without trees) and a big back yard - our yard is big but full of very big trees.

Solar - turns out you can get really cheap systems commercially under the new government rebate scheme. State solar services ( will install a 1.5KW system for $2,499 - that should generate about $5 a week in power or about a 10% return on your money (tax free). If the infeed tariff goes ahead that (and you don't use much power during the day) you will be looking at more like $25 a week (in theory) which could translate into a rather fantastic 50% return. I'm looking at getting one of these (hey it might help the planet and also make me richer Very Happy ).

I can't really see you being able to do much better on price building it yourself - I've priced panels on ebay etc and the commercial deals are pretty close to the best you could do yourself and then you have to sort the rebates out (which is a minefield).


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